About Us

Why Owlet ?

  • OMEC listen and spend the time to understand client’s situation and what exactly clients want to do in Australia. OMEC clients appreciate that OMEC will provide right solution before step out from office.
  • OMEC understand overseas students and migrants problems, and OMEC never let clients alone to worry about their problems.
  • OMEC dedicated to the success of clients achievement! Clients would feel “we are in good hands”.
  • OMEC never let clients have to break the bank. OMEC is always eager to provide instalments for service.
  • OMEC management is available on the phone late hours until 10.00 pm everyday and there is a facility that clients can book appointment if they want to visit after hours on OMEC management team available days.
  • OMEC focus on client goals. OMEC don’t waste client’s time and money with business tactics. OMEC always look for Integrity.
  • OMEC don’t just sign clients up and start charging, first solution and OMEC could charge the clients if clients are happy with our service.
  • OMEC make sure that keep up with new regulations and latest legislation.
  • OMEC never treat a client commercially, OMEC love clients and treat as friends. OMEC works with a passion, and everyone OMEC meet is treated with respect and dignity.
- JAYAPAL REDDY VADLAKONDA; [I feel “ I am normal human”, I believe “ clients are mirror to see business reflection”]