About Us

OMEC Company Profile

OMEC is established in Australia to provide assistance in visa processing to Australia, owned by JAYAPAL REDDY VADLAKONDA, operating in the field of Migration and Education sector. It is OMEC's aim to provide quality service to individuals at reasonable charges. OMEC always provide service of highest standards by obeying the code of conduct of OMARA. According to OMEC continuous effort for excellence, OMEC extend its services to cover areas such as Student Visas, Visitor Visa, Parent Migration, Partner Migration, other Family migration, Skill assessments, Skilled Visas, Employer Sponsor Ship and review applications at Tribunals, we also help individuals to assist in Ministerial intervention.

OMEC Establishment

OMEC is an Australian Company operating from Brunswick, Victoria. It is established for the specific purposes of processing immigration visas to Australia only. OMEC concentrate on all kind of visas available to Australia. Individuals willing to choose the pathway is examined and assessed before advice given to maintain quality of service. We will take authorisations from Individuals to do integrity check before lodging the applications; integrity check is recent thought by OMEC to avoid unnecessary headaches from fraud documents.

OMEC Accreditations

JAYAPAL REDDY VADLAKONDA accredited with OMARA (Office of Migration agent registration Authority) and Migration Alliance Member.

Interests of JAYAPAL REDDY VADLAKONDA: Community service, politics and Imports & exports.

OMEC Service Statement

“At the end of the day service will not be concluded as a best service by how much knowledge I have , how much money I have charged, how big office I have and how expensive clothes I am wearing.

My service concluded by client "How friendly I am with client, How much relevant knowledge is provided to client to find the solution, How much time spent with client and How much transparent I am with client.”